Allora London



Strategy of Allora London  :

Our vision is simple but bold – we aspire to create the supply chain of the future to help our customers navigate the digital economy and to make life better for one billion people in our supply chain.
We are facing an era of exponential change. The convergence of technologies has changed the way consumers and businesses interact. Against that backdrop, we launched our plans on work that focuses on speed, innovation and digitization of the supply chain whilst putting purpose at the core of what we do.


 Sustainability is integral to our business:

We responsibly manage our environmental, social and governance performance and work with our customers & suppliers and industry partners to further the sustainability of supply chains and communities across our ecosystem. We set aspiration targets in accordance with best practice benchmarks, act to meet those targets, and assess and report on our progress toward achieving our sustainability goals.


Supply chain innovation:

We convene the global supply chain creating customized, end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions for brands and retailers. What sets us apart is our high degree of flexibility and scalability which is unrivaled in our industry.
For that to happen, we connect to suppliers and vendors with  brands and retailers, all with the goal of meeting consumer demand.

We are creating the supply chain of the future:

Traditional supply chain management is undergoing massive change driven by disruptive technologies in the retail industry.

At Allora London ,we changing the game and landscape of our industry with innovative services and solutions. Our scale allows us to act as a catalyst for change and as a convener of our supply chain partners.
Starting with product design and development and including everything from compliance to raw material and factory sourcing, manufacturing control, logistics, and more, we offer end-to-end services for all stakeholders in the consumer goods industry. Our offices and teams are based in all key production markets, giving us the expertise and extensive network of supply chain partners needed to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

 our Management team:

 We are entrepreneurs with in-depth supply chain, logistics and professional expertise and expert knowledge of international consumer trends and production markets.
Under the leadership of our Team of Allora london are supported by a management team which represents some of the most experienced professionals in the global supply chain industry. The depth of executive experience provides with a strong and talented team that drives the company’s continuous growth and success.

About Allora London:

Allora London was set up in London in ————- to serve the customers in the UK. Originally with offices in China and Dhaka Allora London operated as the marketing and sourcing arm of Evergreen.
With the production plants in China and Bangladesh Allora operates with the satellite teams in design, sourcing & production.
The design team has been designing Knits, Woven, Sweaters & Outdoor Wear for High Street retailers the UK and the EU.  The team is a bright young team with a mix, there are design graduates with vision to change the world and we the experienced members who always make sure our heads are not in the clouds.  The team likes exploring with new ideas, it is normally our design team who use their valuable time to study the target audience of a retailer and put pencil to paper and design an upcoming seasons line with a view to produce for them. The team has reached out to many retailers with their innovative design ideas and saved the retailers time and money.   Our design team can build a look book for: Male, Female and Children for all seasons a month before production.
Sourcing is not our primary function however due to demand from out customers we have sourced from many suppliers in China and Bangladesh and still maintained our standards. When we source Allora treats the assignment as if are producing in one of our plants with the same care and attention.   Due to our respectful presence in both countries we have built relationships with numerous suppliers of quality goods.
Production is in our hearts, our teams thrive on a challenge specially when the retailers push them to their limits.  From the design team to the factory floor every team is on full gear.  Our aim is simple “produce the finest in the most honest and efficient way possible” Our staff are the pillars of our business you will only understand if you were to visit one of our plants and see for your self.


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